Regressive humans in progressive times.

Yesterday I observed this incident.
I was waiting outside a restaurant in the queue. At that time I observed a family there, which consisted a man, a lady and two kids. The first kid was a girl, her age would be 5 years and the second kid was a 2 years old boy.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, the baby boy started getting restless. He started becoming very cranky and irritant. Shockingly, the mother din’t even bother. It was the girl trying to calm the boy down but he just wouldn’t listen.

Finally the mother got very irritated and to my surpise, she removed her phone and gave it to the kid saying “ye lo tum talking tom khelo” .

That boy was very happy and soaked himself into the phone. The radiating rays affecting his eyes and making him a slave of technology. All this because his mother couldn’t tolerate / handle him. I don’t think before mobiles came children were tackled this way.

The point is who is more a slave of technology or who is mis-using it.?? people say “the coming generation is going to dogs”, who is pushing them into it. No doubt by the age of two, whether a child can talk or not he/ she knows to unlock a phone.

What do u think is this, the over-use of technology ?? Who do u think is more affected and addicted to these gadgets the current generation parents or the kids growing up.?? Is it right to blame the coming generation for being addicted to technology or the root cause are their parents, making them technology dependent ?


My country.

I live in a country with so much noise

We’re the world’s biggest democracy

Inspite, most of us don’t have a voice,

I have a rich and diverse history

The facts of these stories are still a mystery,

We call India, our mother

But a lady is ill treated, by every other,

He can openly ask for condoms in a store

If she did, they’d call her a whore,

Our politicians rule the roost

They call rape a mistake

Forgetting their mothers n sisters are on stake,

We blame every victim

But no one cares to change the system,

We don’t fight for the right

We just  ensure, we put up an entertaining sight,

I’m afraid while i write

Will some party strangle me tight,

We seem dreadful than developing

Every new day, brings a new sting..

… My country.

1.Giving life to herself..

beauty-is-a-light-in-the-heartHer voice chocked,
fingers went numb,
to  the situation she couldn’t succumb..

She had the heart of a baby
The care of a mother
She couldn’t digest the fact
Over her he preferred some other,

She always gave him the benefit of doubt
To even her minute flaws he’d shout,
She loved him without his glory
For his every mistake
she covered up with a sorry,

She knew,she deserved better
But she always wanted to make him the best,
He remained ordinary,
Still,to have him,she always believed she was blessed,

On the note they broke up
even the clouds wept
That night eyes swollen,too late she slept,

No more were her morning bright
That adorable face
was now a dull sight..
The days seemed dark
On her hand everyday increased a mark..

A night she saw a dream
She met someone like her to seem,
witnessed the existence of her soul inside the heart
Awakened by the light within
From the next day was a bold new start…

She carried on with a new belief
With this new perception of life
Her face emoted happiness with a relief…